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2nd Annual Woodford Liquids-Rich Horizontal Targets Congress 2015


The Woodford shale is now the fastest growing shale play in America, showing a 30% increase in production rates over the last year.

However, a lot has changed in the play over the last 12 months. Bets that were placed on the SCOOP are starting to pay off, with the likes of Continental Resources and Marathon Oil seeing promising results, whilst the STACK is drawing increased attention from the activities of Newfield Exploration and others.

One thing that remains clear though, is that in order for operators to make the Woodford shale economical, they will need to focus on identifying and exploiting liquids-rich targets, to maximize value from their assets. Across both the Anadarko or Arkoma Basins, operators in the Woodford have made major progress in this over the last year, and this will be the only forum to hear exclusive updates from them 100% focused on the liquids-rich window of the play.

As the only congress 100% focused on the liquids-rich windows of the Woodford shale, this year's 2nd Annual Woodford Liquids Rich Horizontal Targets Congress 2015 will provide over 20 brand new operator case studies, focusing on identifying and maximizing the productivity of liquids-rich horizontal targets in the Woodford Shale. Speakers at the congress will break down the key technical strategies that allowed them to successfully identify new productive liquids-rich horizontal targets in 2014 and maximize productivity within these targets, focusing on:

DAY 1: IDENTIFYING LATERAL TARGETS : Detailing the key geological, geophysical and geomechanical variables that have contributed to the success of the most productive liquids-rich targets that have been discovered in 2014

DAY 2: COMPLETIONS, WELL SPACING & WATER MANAGEMENT : Identifying the optimal well spacing for liquids-rich Woodford wells, explaining the completions techniques and technologies that are providing the most targeted solutions in the Woodford and breaking down advances in effective water management in the water-scare Woodford region

Key topics of focus will include:

IDENTIFYING LATERAL TARGET ZONES : Integrating geological data to determine the optimal lateral target zones for maximizing the productivity of liquids-rich Woodford wells

NATURAL FRACTURES AND FAULTS : Collecting & utilizing data on natural fractures & faults to identify the most productive targets in the Woodford

POROSITY, PERMEABILITY & RESERVOIR THICKNESS : Optimizing the accuracy of porosity & permeability prediction in the Woodford, determining the critical reservoir thickness for an economic well & using petrophysical data to locate productive targets

WELL SPACING : Assessing how to use an accurate reservoir model to select the most economic well spacing for Woodford wells

COMPLETIONS STRATEGIES : Identifying the optimal frac designs, frac sizes & completions technologies & maximizing reservoir drainage when completing Woodford wells

WATER MANAGEMENT : Assessing water availability & examining cost-effective water sourcing, disposal & recycling strategies for the Woodford

MIDSTREAM INFRASTRUCTURE : Providing updates on the build out of midstream takeaway capacity in the Woodford to assess its readiness to deal with burgeoning production volumes

Post Event Panel





With the 30% growth in production rates this year meaning the Woodford shale is now the fastest growing play in the U.S., this year's agenda has been totally revamped to ...

...feature over 20 brand new case studies, exclusively based on the work done in 2014 that helped achieve these production rates. 100% focused on the liquids-rich windows of the Woodford Shale, the agenda this year has been redesigned to help attendees keep up with the rapid changes that have taken place in the play over the last 12 months. New features include:

100% FOCUS ON LIQUIDS-RICH TARGETS : Given attendee feedback that last year's agenda had too many sessions on dry gas operations, this year every presentations has been selected and screened to ensure each case study is exclusively focused on activity in the liquids-rich window of the Woodford

BASED ON RESULTS NOT PREDICTIONS : Given the rapid ramp up of operator activity in the play over the last 12 months, this year's congress will be the first to be based entirely on actual data from results in the field from operators working in liquids-rich targets in the Woodford. With operators now in a position to share this data, this year's congress will be a chance to see if the predictions made at last year's event are actually being backed up by the hard data emerging from the play this year

FOCUS SESSIONS ON THE SCOOP : With increased activity taking place in the SCOOP over the last year, this year's agenda will for the first time have focus sessions on the SCOOP, alongside case studies from operators working in every other liquids-rich area within the Anadarko, Arkoma and Ardmore basins.

FOCUS ON HORIZONTAL TARGETS : With all operators seeking to maximize the value of their Woodford assets through horizontal operations, this year's agenda will focus 100% on success in identifying and completing horizontal targets in the Woodford

NATURAL FRACTURES AND FAULTS : With new data now available, this year's agenda will for the first time be able to provide a comprehensive analysis of how information on faults and natural fractures is helping to identify the most productive targets in the Woodford

WELL SPACING : This year's agenda will be the first ever Woodford congress to analyse the optimal well spacing for liquids-rich wells in the play

COMPLETIONS : With the number of wells being completed in the Woodford rising exponentially in 2014, operators will use this year's agenda as a platform to now be finally share the optimal completions techniques, technologies and frac sizes for liquids-rich Woodford wells

WATER MANAGEMENT : Brand new this year will be the first Woodford-specific case studies on water management in the water-scares Oklahoma region


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